A Simple Guide to Si Dian Jin (四点金)

What is Si Dian Jin (四点金)?

Si Dian Jin translates to “4 Touches of Gold”, it is traditionally a four-piece set of betrothal jewellery that consisted of a ring, bangle, necklace and a pair of earrings. The giving of all four items is a Teochew tradition, whilst Hokkien and Cantonese families goes for a single, or two-piece set items. 

  • Bangle: Bangles are crafted to feature symbolic animal motifs like the dragon and phoenix. The dragon seen as a powerful and benevolent protector, while the phoenix is often associated with beauty and grace. Together on the Dragon Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle, these two symbols represent the perfect balance of yin and yang.
  • Necklace: The bonding of two families and building a harmonious relationship. Check out our Dragon Phoenix 999 Statement Necklace
  • Ring: The ring represents the couple’s commitment to each other and is typically seen as a symbol of love, prosperity, and good fortune.
  • Earrings: A pair of earrings signifies the union and perfect pairing between the bride and groom.

These items are bestowed upon the new bride to welcome her into the new family and as a blessing for the newlywed. 



How much should a Si Dian Jin (四点金) set cost?

The cost for a Si Dian Jin (四点金) set typically ranges from S$3k to S$6k. The amount spent will be solely dependent on the budget set from the in-laws and with the amount they are comfortable with. 


When should Si Dian Jin (四点金) be given?

It is typically presented from the groom's family to the bride to be on an auspicious date ranging from 2-4 weeks before the wedding date.  


Where can I find the perfect Si Dian Jin (四点金)?

The perfect Si Dian Jin (四点金) depends on individual budgets and preferences. It is not solely on finding the perfect set but enjoying the whole process of the experience, visiting different goldsmiths to find a set that is best suited for your style and your in-law's budget.

 Check out our wide range of Si Dian Jin (四点金) sets at our Tiong Bahru PlazaJurong Point and Northpoint City outlets! 

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