Payment Methods, Installment Plans & Reservations

Cash, NETS, or major credit cards (Master, Visa, American Express, Diner, and Citi Bank)

  • Yes we do. For reservation amounts below SGD500, the reservation period is 6 months, and for reservations above SGD500, the reservation period is 9 months, and extensions are strictly not allowed.
  • We do provide 0% IPP (Installment Plan Payment) for selected credit card providers.
  • For more information, click here.


Yes, we do have a privilege membership program. Click here to view our Membership Privileges.

We provide a lifetime privilege membership. Your contact number will be used for verification.

As part of our enhanced services, for purchases of SGD300 and above, you will be eligible to apply for our membership program for free.

Return and Exchange

  • For new item purchases, we provide exchanges equivalent to the original purchase amount only if:
  1. The gold ornament or jewellery item is returned within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  2. If the item HAS NOT been altered, engraved, worn, and/or damaged.
  3. Original tax invoice is presented as proof of purchase.
  • There is no cash refund for all items purchased.

Service and Repair

Yes, we do. We provide specialised free cleaning services. Kindly enquire in-store for more information.

Yes, we do. Please click here for more information with regards to our personalisation services.

We do provide piercing services. Please visit any of our outlets and our friendly staff will assist you.

Yes, we do provide resizing services. Please head down to any of our outlets with your item and we will assist you.

The cost of repair varies for every item. Kindly visit our stores with your item so we may assist you.

Trade-in Old Gold

For more information regarding our trade-in policy, please visit or call any of our stores for our friendly staff to assist you.

Gold Rates, 916, 999 and Hallmarking

We provide a daily updated market gold rate for both 916 and 999. Located in our announcement bar, right below our website's main menu.

916 is the fineness of gold jewellery. 916 Gold refers to metals with gold content of 91.6% , mixed with the remaining 8.4% with other alloys. Click here for more information regarding gold purity and finest.

999 is the fineness of gold jewellery. 999 Gold refers to the purest form of gold (24K), with a gold content of 99.9% that is not mixed with any other metal. Click here for more information regarding gold purity and finest.

A mark or symbol to certify and prove that the purity of the gold ornaments that you purchase are of their indicated purity and fineness . Click here for more information about our Hallmarking process.

Jewellery Care

There are various ways to keep your jewellery as good as new. Click here for more information of jewellery care

Store jewellery in a box or pouch after cleaning or for storage. For more information on jewellery care, please click here.

Privacy Policy

CHIP LEE JEWELLERY PTE LTD respects the privacy rights of our customers and visitors to our websites.

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  • Let us know if you require any further assistance!