Create Your Perfect Ring

Create your perfect ring with Chip Lee Jewellery's ring customisation service for you to construct your ideal and perfect ring for any occasion, made possible with our partners at BMA Rings from Turkey. Giving you the creative freedom to choose your preferred ring profile, dimensions, material, and many more. 

Step 1: Profile

Choose the basic shape of your perfect ring. 

ring customisation service profiles


Step 2: Dimensions

Choose your profile width, height and ring sizes.

ring customisation service dimensions


Step 3: Metals and Surfaces

Choose your choice of metals and their surfaces. 

ring customisation service metal and surfaces


Step 4: Stones

Choose the perfect "bling" for your perfect ring.

ring customisation service stones


Step 5: Groves and Edges 

Choose your preferred groves and edge designs.

ring customisation service groove and edges


Step 6: Engraving

Implement customised text and symbols to personalise your perfect ring.

ring customisation service engraving


Ready to create your perfect ring? Contact us for more information about where you can get them.



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