Reservation Policy

Reservation Period

  • Our reservation period is 2 weeks and extensions are strictly not allowed.
  • The reserved item has to be paid in full and collected by the customer within the reservation period.


Deposit Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit of 10% of the total value.
  • Deposit can be made in cash, NETS or major credit cards.
  • No additional fees will be imposed on all modes of payment accepted.
  • The deposit may not be used for other purchases or transferred to other reservations or converted to other forms of payment or deposit.


Forfeiture Policies

  • If the customer for whatsoever reason withdraws from the reservation or fails to make payment in full after the reservation expiry date, the following will apply:
    1. The item will no longer be earmarked as “Reserved’ and we reserve the right to sell the item without prior notice to the customer.
    2. The deposit collected will be forfeited.



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