How 5G Gold is Changing the 999 Gold Market?

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Technology advancements in the gold industry have led to the increase in 999 gold (24K) hardness and durability over the years, reshaping how we manufacture, buy and wear 999 Gold. Let us introduce you to 'Five Good Gold' also known as 5G Gold.

This new form of 5G 999 Gold is a complete game changer, changing perceptions of 999 Gold being "soft" and "delicate". 5G Gold enables the combination of stunning craftsmanship and designs with everyday durability and practicality.



How 5G Gold is produced?

The production of 5G gold involves adding a certain amount of rare elements, commonly known as hard gold powder. The production process starts off with dissolving gold by catalysing it through an extremely high temperature to make the gold's molecular structure more compact.


5 Qualities of 5G Gold: 


(Enhanced Toughness)

5G Gold enables the combination of stunning designs with everyday practicality.

You can now wear 999 Gold pieces daily to elevate your daily outfit with a peace of mind.


(Shine / Colour Retention)

5G Gold enables shine and colour retention over time.

This means that your precious 5G Gold jewellery and ornaments can be handed down to the next generation without worrying about them being dull and discoloured. 


(High Purity)

999 Gold is the purest form of gold (24K), with a gold content of 99.9%. Its high purity content ensures its high-value retention.

Buy it, keep it. Watch how much value it retains throughout the years. 


(Advanced Craftsmanship)

This advancement in 999 gold enables enhanced craftsmanship for pieces that are as durable as they are beautiful, ensuring your jewellery remains in pristine condition for a lifetime and beyond.



 5G Gold is about half the weight of traditional 999 Gold. 

No more gold statement pieces that are too heavy and uncomfortable. 


How does 5G Gold Differ from Traditional Gold?

5G Gold defers from typical Gold due to its crafting process (Open Flame Processing), which strengthens and reinforces the internal atomic structure of the metal. This process enhances the hardness and durability of 5G Gold, resulting in a type of gold that is durable enough for daily. 


The Future of 999 Gold

5G Gold is more than a technological advancement, it's a testament to the future of wearable high-purity and high-quality gold jewellery. 

At Chip Lee Jewellery, we strive to provide top quality products that our customers deserve, we believe that jewellery shouldn’t just be beautiful but also practical and ever-lasting.

We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance and revolutionise everyday gold jewellery and accessories, embracing the future of 999 Gold jewellery.


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