The Importance of Hallmarking

What is a Hallmark?

It is a quality control mark engraved on precious metals indicating that it has been tested independently and conforms to the standard of precious metal content or fineness. 

Think of it as a Quality Check (QC) mark.


It’s an Official Stamp of Quality

In other words, it indicates that a product or metal is checked and certified for its purity and quality.

Singapore Assay Office


Chip Lee Jewellery is a proud member of the Singapore Assay Office (SAO), where we ensure that all our products are qualified and certified for their fineness and purity, and hallmarked with the symbols below. 

Hallmarking symbols:

Chip lee jewellery hallmark


The above image is a complete set of SAO hallmarks consisting of the jeweler's mark (Chip Lee - 集利), the SAO mark, and the standard mark.

SAO mark: A quality control mark placed on precious metals articles, is a lion’s head.

Standard Mark: Represents the purity of the element. (For example 999, 916,  750, 585, etc.)


chip lee jewellery hallmark


This indicates that every item in all our outlets is officially checked and certified for its quality, ensuring our customers have peace of mind in every purchase, knowing that all our products above the weight of 1g are hallmarked.

Our mission is to provide top-quality jewellery pieces to all of our customers. We aim to continue this quality assurance to our customers and keep the tradition of gold-smithing, by upholding and providing our high-quality standards in all our products.



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