Know Your Ring Size

"Do you know your ring size?" 

This might be the first question you will encounter when you are on the hunt to find your perfect ring. Here are 5 steps for you to measure your ring sizes from the comfort of your own home. 


Gather Your Supplies

measure ring size

Three simple everyday tools you will need to measure your finger with. 

  1. Pen / Pencil
  2. A strip of paper
  3. Ruler


Step 1: Wrap 

measuring ring size

Wrap the strip of paper around your preferred finger to measure the size of your finger.


Step 2: Mark 

ring measurement

Mark the spot where the strip of paper forms a circle around your finger. 


Step 3: Measure

measuring ring size

Lay the strip of paper flat on your ruler and measure the distance from your marking to the end of the paper. 

This measurement is the circumference of your ring. 


Step 4: Convert

Using the conversion table below, match the measured circumference in millimeters (mm) to determine your ring size. [ 1cm = 10mm ]

If you are in-between sizes, we recommend taking the larger size. 


Step 5: Record

ring measurement

Record down the ring sizes of different fingers for reference in the future.
Note that sizes vary for different ring designs and cuttings. Please visit any of our outlets if you require any further assistance. Our friendly staff members will be here to help you every step of the way!
There you go! With a step-by-step guide to knowing your ring size, you are on the way to finding your perfect ring!

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